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List of national journal MBA Year 2017-18

Sr No. Name of Journals
1 Human Capital
2 Abhigyan : Quest for Excellence
3 Vikalpa: The Journal for decision Makers
4 Indian Journal of marketing
5 IIMB Management Review
6 Chartered Secretary
7 Udyog Pragati
8 PRABANDHAN: Indian journal of management
9 Pratiyogita Darpan
10 IUP Journal of management Research
11 IUP Journal of Operations management
12 IUP Journal of Case Folio
13 IUP Journal of Applied Finance
14 IUP Journal of Supply Chain management
15 IUP Journal of Brand management
16 IUP Journal of Financial Risk management
17 IUP Journal of marketing management
18 IUP Journal of Accounting Research and Audit Practices
19 IUP Journal of Organizational Behavior
20 IUP Journal of Bank management
21 IUP Journal of Business strategy
22 IUP Journal of Entrepreneurship Development
23 IUP Journal of Effective executive
24 IUP Journal of Applied Economics
25 IUP Journal of Knowledge management
26 IUP Journal of International Relations
27 IUP Journal of Corporate Governance
28 IUP Journal of English Studies
29 Indian Journal of International Economics
30 Journal of Economic policy and Research
31 Journal of marketing Vistas
32 The Journal of institute of public enterprise
33 Journal of Governance and public policy
34 IPE Journal of management
35 I-manager’s Journals of management
36 VSRD International Journal of Business & Management Research
37 ASCI Journal of management
38 Asian Economic Review
39 Harvard Business Review
40 Economic and Political Weekly+ digital Archives
41 Yojana
42 University News
43 Employment News
44 Indian institute of management Indore